A Life Coach Practice

For those who want more from life.

Onani is a Native American word for joy.

Onani Mentoring is a methodical, educational process designed to help successful people achieve their dreams. 

The Onani Mentoring Technique, developed by Meg Carver, uses the innovation, freedom and personal responsibility of the 21st century combined with the wisdom of ancient spiritual principles; supporting a lifestyle of balance and excellence.

 “I never realized that it is all right for me to expect to have love, joy, happiness, PEACE, and abundance in my life.
University Professor

“With continued focus, I've broken down walls to discover who I am. I've learned how truly worthy I am to receive the life that I deserve now.
Surgical Sales

 “Now I have glimpses of who I am and who I am capable of becoming and feeling, which is so tremendously empowering.
Recent College Graduate

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